I'm Alexis, owner of One Hundred Toys, the website dedicated to learning through play for the under 5s. 

Despite our name, we no longer sell toys. Our focus is on courses and guides for parents. We aim to give children the skills they need to thrive, and to empower families to make their own choices around toys and playtime. As a father with a background in teaching, I believe that children should have a life rich in experiences – and fun – in those precious years before school begins.

The formula is simple: open-ended play. Toys are nice, but you don't need many. The key is to leave time for exploration and discovery with simple materials that ask the right questions. We are shaping creative self-starters who make their own fun. 

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For children aged 3 - 5 years, we offer Get Set Five, a year-long weekly course delivered via email. It's packed full of fun activities but there's also a good dose of theory to go with it. My hope is to give you the information to come up with your own ideas or, better yet, have the confidence to leave it to your child. It's all done through play. There are no worksheets or formal tasks.

A Year With My Child takes the same formula and applies it to toddlers. Weekly activities delivered to your inbox with informative commentary to help you understand the forces that drive your child's play. 

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Have you read the 100 Toys blog? It's full of interesting and informative posts. If you have a business and are in need of help planning and producing content for your website, get in touch. I have worked with several former competitors to improve their customer experience and produce the guides, articles and other marketing materials that help to build a brand. See my most recent work at ThreadBear Design.

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Following the success of 100 Toys, I received many requests for help and advice from both customers and competitors. As a result, I now offer business coaching, with a focus on early stage companies. To find out if it's right for you, book a free 30-minute introductory call, where we can talk through your idea or business without any commitment. To book a regular, one-hour session, click here.


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"Thanks for all you do. Your writing style is so direct, no-nonsense, informed, and lighthearted - it's clear you're a gifted educator, be it for children or their parents!"

- Bronwen

In my search to learn, I easily

became overwhelmed with too many voices and ideas found on social media. This year I have dedicated myself to seeking fewer and better experts to more reliably take away what I need to

understand and assist her development and move on to playing with her more. Finding your weekly email course has been so meaningful and empowering.

- Mia